18k Rose Gold Bon Ton Ring with Rose Quartz


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18k Rose Gold Bon Ton Ring with Rose Quartz

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18k Rose Gold Bon Ton Ring with Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz: 5.34 ct.

Bon Ton is the flower that embodies the heart of Mother Nature: the iconic collection of the Maison is the symbol of a sober, elegant and free lifestyle.

Our jewelery is made in Italy with artisan techniques, each piece is truly unique.

Our creative philosophy considers the raw materials fundamental and we only use materials that meet strict

standards of quality and ethics.

We believe that the production, the setting and the light that comes from our jewelery represent the best way to

certify the intrinsic quality and the exclusive nature of our work. We select diamonds that reflect the following


Color from F to G

Purity from VVS to VS

Pasquale Bruni certifies every purchase of diamonds with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). This process was established in 2003 and prohibits the use of

diamonds from war zones.

We are among the founding members of the Ethical

Committee for Colored Gemstones. The aim of the committee is:

  • To certify that the work of minors has not been used in

the mining industry

  • To certify that the stones do not come from war zones