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Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with Moon gems and Diamonds.

Product information

18k Rose Gold
White Diamonds: 0.06 ct.
Grey Moonstone, White Moonstone, Pink Moonstone: Flowers Size 12 mm

*Our jewels are handmade in Italy with artisanal techniques and each creation is truly unique. For this reason, carats and gold weight can slightly vary.

SKU: 16337R


Petit Joli Bouquet Lunaire Pendant Earrings in 18k Rose Gold with Grey, White, Pink Moonstone and White Diamonds.

A loftier and more complex extension of Petit Joli is presented in Bouquet Lunaire with adularia, the iconic white moonstone found in nature.
The collection is an explosion of feelings encapsulated in precious jewellery, in which the Moon gem emerges as the ultimate expression of femininity.

Pasquale Bruni’s skill is reflected not only in the design of the jewellery, but also in the careful selection of the moonstones, as well as in the details that lie behind each creation. The Moon is the fundamental element, engraved throughout the collection: it illuminates emotions, emboldens women and exudes a sense of harmony.